How to Use Diabetes Test Strips: How They Work and How They Could Save You

how to use test strips for diabetes

Diabetes test strips are designed to allow you test yourself at home if you are interested in closely monitoring your blood sugar levels. it is very important to note that these strips are usually made from plastic. More specifically, the end of the strip which is usually coated with enzymes (either dehydrogenise or glucose).

Just so you know, you will have two machines, one will be the size of your palm and it is where the strips will go while the other is a smaller machine (more or less the same size as your middle finger) and usually contains a small changeable needle.

In order to test out your blood sugar levels, you are required to load the smaller of the two machines and then prick one finger. There is absolutely no reason to be alarmed as this process is usually not painful. After pricking one finger, you are required to touch the end of the test strip right until you hear a beep.  Take note, it is this beep which serves to let you know that the end of the strip has enough blood for a reading.

Once the machine is ready to show you the other results, expect another beeping sound to signal this after which it will display your blood sugar level. Just so you know, anything between 5.0 and 7.0 is an okay reading. Anything higher or lower than those readings simply means that you should make a point of testing yourself more often and take the readings to your doctor. You will be glad to learn that you can easily purchase these machines as well as the strips from any pharmacy at discounted prices. In the event that you have already been diagnosed with diabetes then you will be free to get them from your doctor who most definitely will be extremely interested in keeping close watch over your levels.

In case you would like to test yourself for diabetes only occasionally then taking advantage of some urine test strips will go a long way in helping you achieve this. Just so you know, these usually work on the principle of color change. Take note, on the back of the container in which they come is a color chart which you compare the end of the strip in order to establish if you have diabetes or not. Using this is very simple since the end of the strip is white just like the strips which are used in machines.

it is however very important for you to take a sample of urine and then place it at the end of the strip so that it is covered and then leave it there for about 60 – 120 seconds after which you can take it out. Shortly after, you will notice that the color of the strip tip will start changing and at this point you will be required to go ahead and compare the color on the other end of the strip on the chart right at the back of the bottle. And that’s about it when it is comes to how to use diabetes test strips. This applies to aviva accu chek test strips as well.