Three Important Things to Know before You Buy Diabetic Test Strips

buying diabetic test strips

Diabetic test strips have come a long way since the urine tests diabetics used to depend on for home testing. At the same time, there are certain very important things which you should seriously familiarize yourself with before you make the decision to buy diabetic test strips. For instance, once you get home, it is imperative that you treat them just right in order to get the most accurate readings.

Below is an overview of some of the most important things which you should know before buying diabetes test strips, they include:


  1. costly drugsThe cost – assuming you plan to buy the strips yourself, it is very important to know where exactly it is that you can get them for the lowest price possible. The best way to do this is to check online and make detailed comparison of the diabetic test strips on sale online with those on discounted offer. Take note, Amazon prices tend to be generally half as much as store costs for most brands. it is equally important to note that it is far much easier to check the prices of stores that have a website. This kind of knowledge is extremely important since it will help you make an informed decision on where exactly to get the strips. Remember to always go through the fine print when you buy online and that shipping prices will often add a lot to the final price. We found a place where you can save money on accu chek strips. Be sure to check it out.
  2. The expiration date – it is very important to keep in mind the fact that your meter reading would all be rendered useless in the event that your strips are out of date (have expired). You should therefore always make a point of checking the dates immediately you receive them in the mail or when you are picking them from the store. Just so you know, expiry dates are usually clearly printed on every vial and disc. In the event that the strips are old, feel free to send them back. also, make sure that you make use of old strips first when you get your new batch as doing so will save you the trouble of holding on to a few which might end up out of date. Although checking the expiry dates is common sense, it is something which can easily be ignored when one is in a hurry or better yet distracted.
  3. how to use diabetic test stripsFind out how to use the diabetic test strips – first off, it is very important to understand the fact that the test strips need to be seated on the monitor correctly or they will not work. Single strips on the other hand need to be inserted all the way before they will turn on the meter. Take note, bent strips are completely useless. Only add enough blood to the strip, adding too little will make the test fail to run while adding too much would end up smearing on the strip hence giving you and error message.


In addition to all of the above, assuming you are having problems with your testing strips, it is strongly advised that you for professional demonstration for a solution to your difficulties.