Diabetic test strips – An Overview of Smart Ways to Save Money

strips for testing diabetes

You will agree and support the fact that the cost of having to shop for diabetic products is financially draining.  this is clearly evident from the fact that you spend a couple thousand of dollars on test strips in a year and still that does not even include expenses for blood monitoring supplies such as the glucometer which usually needs to be replaced every time and again, disposable insulin syringes, injection needles, pens, foot care products not to mention the frequent trips to the doctor.

Good news is, you can cut on your expenses by adhering to the following already proven ways to save money on diabetes test strips (including accu chek aviva test strips), and these include:

  1. Consulting extensively with your insurance provider – you will be glad to learn that there are insurance companies which are open to covering your expenses on diabetic products. In fact, there are companies which will pay for your blood glucose meters, medications insulin injection alongside other diabetes supplies. in order to have a clear idea of the extent to the coverage which you stand to get, it is strongly advised that you reach out to your insurance provider as they are best placed to clarify all of your key concerns. take note, reports indicate that many consumers have ended up paying way much more than they initially expected mainly because they were misinformed. While consulting your insurance provider, it is strongly advised that you find out which brands are covered as well in order to avoid missing out.
  2. shop online to save moneyShop for your supplies online – as strange as it may sound, you stand to save a significant amount of money by choosing to shop online. with the exception of a couple of online vendors who mark up their products excessively, you will be glad to learn that there are plenty of online sellers who are ready to offer huge discounts on their products. In fact, there are some sellers who are willing to give out as much as 50% discount on their products alongside free shipping and in some cases one or even two free items as well. Everything taken into consideration, it is very important to make sure that when you are looking for an online supplier, it is strongly advised that you focus on identifying one which provides all of the supplies which you need.
  3. Shop for your supplies in bulk – it is highly recommended that you shop for your diabetic supplies wholesale since doing so will go a long way in helping you save on delivery costs, dispensing fees as well as other expenses commonly associated with drugs regularly.
  4. generic drugs save moneyReplace your medications with generic drugs – it is very important to note that generic drugs though may look different from the brand name, their efficiency as well as effects on the body are pretty much practically the same.


In addition to the above about ways to save money on diabetes test strips, it is also highly recommended that you do not let up your medications since this will only serve to be detrimental leading to the pile up of expenses not to mention the need to later on address complications which might arise.