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Purchase Aviva Accu Chek Strips For Testing Cheap – $31.99

picture of accu chek strips out of their packaging.For anyone who has diabetes, products like Accu Chek Aviva test strips can be an essential part of your diabetes management regimen. Unfortunately, products like blood glucose meters and diabetes test strips aren't cheap to purchase.  

When looking around, specifically for Accu Chek strips, I found prices anywhere from $90 and up… just for a box of 50…that's insane!!

Now I realize that if you are on this webpage, you probably are already well-versed on how crazy expensive these products are, and are here for one reason….to SAVE MONEY!

Well…I can help with that!

Like you, I found these product prices to be completely unacceptable, and like I often do in situations like this,  decided it was time to start digging around and try to find a better price.

After spending a considerable amount of time scouring the internet as well as my local big name stores, I finally came across a trustworthy store where you can buy aviva accu chek strips for a much more reasonable cost.

I always very much appreciate when other online shoppers take the time to talk about and share the good deals  that they come across with their fellow bargain hunters (like me)….so I figured I can should do the same, and try to help others save money on diabetes supplies, such as these important glucose test strips.

What follows is the full review of my purchasing experience, but if you just want to skip my review (it won't hurt my feelings. ;-)) and jump right to the "saving money" part, you can just click the link right below, or there should be one on the right hand side as well. It will take you straight to the etailer where you can pick up Aviva test strips for one of the lowest costs I've found!

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So Where Should I Buy Accu Chek Aviva Test Strips at the Best Price?

Save money on accu chek test strips

As I said, it took quite a bit of searching around, but I eventually came across an online store that had great prices on their diabetic supply products. Well, at least in the case of aviva test strips.

See, they are not actually a one-stop-shop for these type of products; but they do carry aviva strips at a GREAT price, which is what I (and probably you, if you're on this web page) was looking for.

Now, when I say great price, I mean it! We're talking savings of give or take 50%, depending on where you're comparing it to. For example, Walmart sells these specific Accu Chek strips for about $75….you can get them here for less than $35. Like I said, HUGE savings!

This obviously leads to a simple question: How are they able to sell these glucose testing supplies so cheap??

The answer is actually very simple; the company is located in the UK, instead of the USA.

Why should that matter, you ask? Well, simply because companies sell products at different price points in different countries. (Personally, I think they know they can get more money in the US, so they price higher here more than in other countries. 😉  ) Of course, I don't know the actual reason(s).

Regardless, that doesn't mean that you shouldn't take advantage of the savings! Thanks to the internet, we live in a global market place where you can easily shop for items outside of the US, and many times save a lot of money (such as in this case).


What does buying test strips for Accu Check Aviva from out of country entail?

Delivery from other countriesI will say, there are a couple small drawbacks to ordering from another country. The biggest one is obviously shipping time.

Since it's coming from out of country, it will obviously take longer than ordering from a company inside the US….though not as long as you might think. Shipping time typically is only about  1 1/2 – 2 weeks typically, which really isn't horrible.

The other main drawback is if you need to communicate with the company. Since they are in a different timezone, their hours of operation are different than ours (regardless of where you are in the US), which is something to keep in mind.

The best way to communicate in this situation is definitely through email.

Though to be honest, there isn't really much need to communicate, as it's a pretty straight forward process: Click "buy item", check out / pay for strips, wait for them to arrive….and save a ton of money! 🙂


How was my shopping experience with them directly?


As mentioned above, the website is very easy to operate in order to make a purchase. Everything is laid out in a clean, straight forward manner, and things such as shipping costs and info are clearly showcased.

Making payment is convenient as well. They take VISA/MC and Paypal, which covers the vast majority of what people use to purchase online.


How trustworthy are they?

Ensure your transactions are secure!When shopping at a new site, I'm always very cautious (especially when ordering from out of country). That being said, it's usually pretty easy to find out about a company with a quick search, and even looking around their website directly.

They excel in this area; clearly displaying their (awesome) 9.1/10 customer rating achieved at Trust Pilot, which is a site that keeps track of companies like this. They also do a great job of showing the security measures they take, such as using Comodo SSL to secure transactions.

After doing my due diligence, I came away very satisfied with their trustworthiness, and that is still the case today!



thumbs-upI am beyond thrilled that my research paid off in such a big way. Finding a trustworthy company where I can purchase my glucose test strips at such an amazing price point is a huge win! With the only real downside being a slightly longer shipping time (which can easily be accounted for by just ordering a little bit earlier than you normally would to ensure you don't run out of Accu Chek strips!), you just can't beat it.

Diabetes testing supplies can be crazy expensive…it's important to take advantage of these kinds of savings when we can. And as far as Accu Chek Aviva test strips are concerned, you won't find them cheaper than this!

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